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How to present and communicate research findings?

Video and animation are ideal mediums for science communication, for presenting research results in journals, conferences and to engage policy makers and the public.

Here are some applications...

By combining visuals, motion and a voiceover in a short animated video, a great deal of complex animation can be communicated quickly and clearly.

Animation can convey abstract information, use aesthetically pleasing visuals and tell an emotive story to engage the viewers.

Video as a communication tool saves both the researcher time in explaining and the audience time in comprehending!

As an animator, I have worked with University research departments, non profit organisations and NGOs all over the world to present and communicate their research findings. Such as...

I am able to comprehend research findings and apply creative interpretation skills to produce an engaging and informative animated video. While always involving the expert researcher to ensure the science communication is accurate.

With my tried and tested animation production system, I can make the whole production process easy, low maintenance and enjoyable!


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