EnergyREV: Addressing the Challenges of Smart Local Energy Systems

We worked with the researchers at EnergyREV to communicate how their organisation is helping the uptake of smart local energy systems to meet climate targets. These are primarily renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines that are combined with smart technology to store and distribute the energy efficiently.

This project started in March 2020 and was paused by the client due to COVID-19 disruption and some restructuring of the EnergyREV programme. We were able to resume the project in late 2020. We made some script and storyboard revisions to reflect some of the organisation changes. Then delivered the video in time for the new EnergyREV website launch.

EnergyREV is an interdisciplinary academic programme delivering research to accelerate the uptake, value and impact of Smart Local Energy Systems.

Urgent and rapid decarbonisation of energy systems is needed to respond to the climate emergency. Targets are being set by world leaders to achieve a Net Zero emissions future, and the UK Government has set demanding targets around this.

Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) can help to achieve these targets. Smaller scale, decentralised energy systems utilising smart technologies can be delivered at a local level to offer a route to Net Zero.

EnergyREV is funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

This was animated using Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and Adobe Illustrator.