Living with Dementia Toolkit

We worked with researchers from the University of Exeter to create an animated explainer video that introduces the Living with Dementia Toolkit to visitors. This video aims to provide hope, inspiration, and practical advice for those living with dementia and their carers. The project highlights the key features and benefits of the toolkit, making it accessible and engaging for a broad audience.

The explainer video is displayed on the toolkit website.



We created an approximately 2 – 3 minute animated video for the Living with Dementia Toolkit research team .The video audience includes relatives, carers, and those living with dementia. Our goal was to visually represent the toolkit’s resources and how they can be used to improve daily life.

Visual Approach:

The animation uses a flat design, vector style created with Adobe Illustrator. This ensures the content is approachable and relatable, reflecting the compassionate and supportive nature of the toolkit. The video incorporates a mix of 2D Adobe After Effects animation and motion graphics techniques, focusing on clear and empathetic storytelling with a slow pace so people have time to absorb the messaging.

Content Highlights:

  • Personalized Experience: The animation emphasises that everyone affected by dementia is different, and the toolkit is designed to cater to these unique needs.
  • Toolkit Features: The video showcases the five sections of the toolkit, which cover essential aspects of living with dementia:
    • Staying safe and well
    • Staying connected
    • Keeping a sense of purpose
    • Staying active
    • Staying positive
  • Resource Variety: Viewers are introduced to the various types of resources available, including tips for independence, advice on staying active, positive stories, and external links for additional support.
  • Ease of Use: The animation guides users on how to navigate and use the toolkit, emphasizing the flexibility to explore resources at their own pace and the option to print materials for offline use.

Production Details:

The animation was produced using Adobe Illustrator for artwork and Adobe After Effects for animation and motion design. The voiceover was recorded by individuals with lived experience of dementia, adding authenticity and a personal touch to the narrative. Music is used selectively to enhance the viewing experience. Additionally, a folder of 1080p JPEG images from the animation was provided for further use.

Animation sketched storyboards

Explore the Toolkit:

Discover how the Living with Dementia Toolkit can help you live your life with dementia. Watch our animated video and explore the resources today to find out more.

Video used on Toolkit website