Animation Process

Mair Perkins Ltd. Animation and Illustration has been producing animations since 2012.  So we’re pretty experienced at creating custom animations. We’ve even won a few awards for our animations.

Each of our videos is illustrated and animated individually by Mair Perkins. You can be sure all the content of your animation is uniquely designed for you to meet your project brief.

To get the best outcomes for our clients, we follow a tried and tested production process to make animations specifically tailored for each individual project’s needs. At each stage there are opportunities for revisions before moving on to the next. So you have plenty of control and input over the process.

How are animations made?

The brief - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

1. Brief

We begin by talking with you, learning all about your organisation, the project and what the animation's purpose and goals are.

The script - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

2. Script

The script will describe what happens in the animation and contain the dialogue of any voiceover. Based on our research and the brief, we will write an animation script jointly with you. Or if you have a script ready, we will adapt it for animation.

The style - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

3. Style

Next we get visual and draw up animation style concepts to be reviewed. We work in a variety of visual styles because each project brief needs a style suited to the message and intended audience. We can create style concepts to integrate with any existing branding and design work.

The storyboards - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

4. Storyboards

When the script is signed off, we’ll do the storyboards. Then you can see how the script and visuals work together and give us feedback before we begin animating.

The voice-over - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

5. Voice over

We have a diverse team of locally based voiceover artists to choose from. Your chosen artist records the finalised script in the studio then you can listen and request any changes needed.

The production - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

6. Animation production

Once you are happy with the style concept, storyboards and voice over, we start production! We create all the illustrations and graphics in-house and from scratch, then bring them to life using industry standard animation software.

The sound - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)
7. Sound production

We add music and sound effects to finish off the animation and enhance the story. Our music is composed and produced specifically for each animation so you won’t hear your music anywhere else!

The review - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

8. Review

This is the time for you to review the video and for us to make revisions so it is perfect!

We use Wipster so comments can be written directly on the video at specific time codes! It's makes it easy for the whole team to review, give feedback and discuss any animation changes.

Delivery - How are animations made (Mair Perkins Ltd)

9. Delivery

When finished, we send you the HD animation video files in whatever format you need. We also offer technical support for using your animation and advice on your marketing and video distribution strategy.

How long does it take to produce an animation?

Production schedule

Pre-production planning

1 - 2 weeks

Contact us for an animation quote

  • Proposal reviewed and turned into project brief/agreement
  • The client to sign and return project agreement
  • The client is invoiced for project start deposit
  • Mair Perkins Ltd to write a script based on the outline
  • The client to review and amend the script
  • Script to be finalised and signed off
  • Voice over artist to be selected by the client

Pre-production design

1 - 2 weeks

Animation storyboards reviewed in our studio

  • Voice over artist to record the script reading
  • Visual style concept sheet(s) designed
  • Storyboards designed
  • Voice over recorded
  • Visual style concept sheet(s) reviewed, revised and signed off
  • Storyboards reviewed, revised and signed off
  • Voiceover reviewed, revised and signed off


1 - 4 weeks

Illustrator animator studio in Derby

  • Animation production
  • Sound effects and music production


2 days - 1 week

Explainer animation production costs and prices

  • Animation draft send for review
  • Animation and sound revisions within the signed off storyboard
  • Final animation delivered via and Dropbox

Working remotely with my animation studio

My animation studio is based in the East Midlands of England but we work with clients all over the UK and the world. I’ve worked remotely with clients in London, Europe, New York, Florida, California, Canada and Singapore.

My animation production process is tried and tested to work whether our client is local to our studio in Derby, half a day away in London or overseas.

I maintain regular communication throughout a project and schedule meetings over the phone, Skype and Google hangouts – whatever best suits our client. We’re also happy for clients to visit us in our studio or for us to travel to their offices.

Have a look through my client testimonials to see what they say about working with our studio.


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