Animation Prices and Lead Times

Animation production prices and lead times vary depending on the style, complexity of the animation (for example lots of characters performing actions is more complex than just animated text) the video running time, the soundtrack requirements and the amount of concept and pre-production planning needed.

For a free, no obligation quote with lead times and a cost breakdown, just tell me about your project.

If you’d like a trial of what I can do, I can write an animation script example and design a style concept for your project for a small fee. Then you can decide based on those if you wish to proceed with the rest of the animation project or not.

How much does an animation cost?

As a ball park figure, 30 seconds of animation with storyboards, illustration/asset design and a voiceover would start at £2500. The cost will vary depending on style, content, complexity and flexibility in the production process so it’s best to contact me for a tailored quote.

How long does an animation take to make?

On average 30 seconds of animation takes 4 weeks to produce from script writing to delivery of the final video. Delivery times vary depending on how much time your team may need to review and feedback on design materials and the complexity of the animation project. For example projects with character animation and 3D elements, typically take longer to produce.

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