We’re a small, independent animation business that values creativity and communicating messages for positive social and environmental impact. We create charming and memorable videos designed uniquely for each project’s brief. As we’re a small team, our clients are able to talk directly to the creatives working on their project. We pride ourselves on making the whole production process an easy and friendly experience for everyone involved.

Mair Perkins

Mair set up her company in 2011 after freelancing as an animator and designer. She is interested in how artwork can tell stories, share knowledge and solve communication problems. Mair especially enjoys sketching out storyline concepts, crafting illustrations and rigging characters to animate!

Author: Mair Perkins

Joanna digital marketing

Joanna Dunn

Joanna is a marketing graduate from the University of Derby and has an interest in ethical and sustainable business. Her skills include market research, strategy and brand development, and she particularly enjoys writing content.

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Ben Haynes

Ben provides all the sound for Mair Perkins Ltd. He can source the right voiceover artist for your animation from a pool of 40. He creates music – custom or library – for the animations and also proves sound effects where needed. Ben works from his own custom-built studio and is available on hand whenever needed.

Author: Mair Perkins


We work with professional voiceover artists directly and have a sample list for clients to select an artist for their project.

If you are a voiceover artist and would like to be added to our sample list, just drop Ben Haynes an email.

Author: Mair Perkins

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