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Do you hire voiceover artists?

Not directly but my go to music producer, Ben Haynes of Haynes Music Productions, handles all voiceovers for my animation projects.

He has a voiceover artist library that I share with animation clients to select an artist from.

So if you’re interested in being added to the sample list we send to clients, please contact Ben. He’s a great guy!

Do you offer work experience placements or internships?

Sorry, we don’t have the time or the facilities to offer work experience. I usually recommend that students find a larger organisation with multiple employees. Or offer to volunteer creative skills to a local charity. My first professional design experience was at my local RSPCA where I coordinated and designed their quarterly newsletter. That experience on my CV then led to me being hired for a paid summer temp job as a junior graphic designer.

I’m happy to have students pop by my office for a chat about animation and careers in the industry.  If you’d like to arrange a time to visit and have a chat, feel free to email me.

How do you pronounce your name?

"Mair" is a Welsh form of Mary and it's pronounced "My - ah". My Grandpa was Welsh and my family has a lot of Celtic named members. We often joke that our family gatherings sound like a Lord of the Rings council meeting.

I set up my business as Mair Perkins but then I married my wonderful partner, Callum, and wanted to adopt his surname. For simplicity and consistency I still lead my professional life as Mair Perkins.

How many cats do you have?

My husband, Callum, and I live with five cats! Their names are Leela, Mendi, Bandon, Smokey and Coco. Here's a drawing of us with some of our cats. They're all adopted from our local RSPCA or were strays that couldn't be homed.

Callum, the cats and I

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