As well as running an animation studio, I also offer freelance illustration services. I can draw by hand in a variety of styles and am skilled in both traditional and digital media. If you’re looking to hire an illustrator, have a browse through the projects I’ve done for previous clients below.

Get in touch if you would like to talk through your illustration project.

Children's books

I have worked with several children's book authors to illustrate their stories to help bring them to life. Many of these are published and on sale on Amazon.


Advertising and marketing illustration

Illustrations to promote, advertise and sell client's products or services.

Packaging illustration

Illustrations designed for packaging of products.

Personal artwork and illustrations

Self-initiated artwork made to play and practice my craft.

Inktober Challenge

Inktober is a month long creative challenge created by the renowned illustrator, Jake Parker. During October artists all over the world take up the challenge to create an ink drawing everyday. The drawings are shared on social media using hashtags. The challenge is a way to practice your craft, to make time everyday to do personal artwork and connect with other artists.

Personal Commissions

One of the joys of being a professional illustrator are the unusual jobs individuals request. These are often related to their hobbies, interests or sense of humour.

Friday sketches

Since March 2012 I have been posting a drawing made just for fun every Friday. The purpose of this task was to ensure I draw at least one non-work related picture every week to share on my social media accounts. The media and subject matter vary by whatever inspired me that particular week.

Editorial illustration for magazines and news articles

Illustrations I've made for articles in printed magazines and online.


I also run an anime style portrait service online at

Japanese anime and manga style of animation and illustration are a huge influence on my work. As a child and teen I drew fan art of my favourite anime and video games. This love of drawing made me realise I wanted to make my living as an artist. I’ve exhibited and sold prints at various Japanese art and culture events around the UK since 2007 and have been running my anime portrait business since 2009.

Educational illustrations

Illustrations and infographics for learning and education.