Here are some of our older animation and illustration projects that don’t quite fit into our portfolio anymore. We’re still fond of them and they bring back lots of great memories so we’ve popped them into this archive page.

Motion comic animation for recruitment software
18 Mar 2017

Motion Comic for Foresight Recruitment

12 Nov 2013

Netmoney – Explainer Animation

13 Apr 2013

Explainer Animation for Davidson Richards

12 Mar 2013

Cloud Computing with Vodafone and Microsoft 365

26 Feb 2013

Vigybu – Exercise and Fitness Animation

15 Aug 2012

Promotional Animation for TSU Professionals about Entrepreneurship

23 Jul 2012

Giveacar – How it works animation

19 Jul 2012

Fellows and Associates Fifth Anniversary Video

31 Mar 2012

What is your Student’s Union?

24 Feb 2012

Animated Music Video – “Hints From My Eyes”

23 Jan 2012

The Bill Bailey Animation

14 Dec 2011

Documentary Film Skin Trade

14 Dec 2011

What is a Black Hole?

14 Dec 2010

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