Why work with my studio?

Mair Perkins Ltd. Animation and Illustration was founded in 2012 after I worked as an animator / designer since 2008. I’m qualified with a Masters degree in animation and I’m the company’s managing director, who directs, storyboards, illustrates and works on the animation production of every project. My studio team is made up of a highly skilled, East Midlands based animators, scriptwriters, voiceover artists and music producers.

  • My animations have received numerous awards and commendations.
  • My animated work has received critical acclaim, been screened at film festivals and broadcast on TV.
  • I have experience with working with organisations of all size and in many sectors.
  • I have a track record of producing high quality animations on time and within budget that achieve results for our clients.

Watch my studio's video to see how we work:

We are a small studio that values quality, artistic integrity, honesty and good communication. You talk directly to the creative director in charge of your work - no mixed messages or getting passed around the team. You will also talk to other members of our team who are working on your project as we will all be asking for your opinions and feedback as the work develops.

We create everything from scratch and in-house. That means:

  • No animation templates. Every part of the animation is customisable.
  • No stock imagery. We design and illustrate everything ourselves.
  • No sub-contracting to other cheaper studios.
  • No nasty surprises.

Our guarantee is that your animation will be unique to your organisation and you will be dealing directly with those who created it.

If that's what you're looking for, why not get in touch?

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