Animation Types

Over the years, I’ve created animations for all sorts of clients and briefs in a variety of styles; from cartoon to corporate and scientific to artistic. I’ve divided my animation work into categories based on the communication purpose of the animation.

What do parents of children with cancer say? Animation for Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group

Social, charity and cause based animations

Animations can tell a story and form an emotional connection with the audience. Whether you run a charity, social enterprise or a non-profit government organisation, an animation is a powerful tool for campaigning and raising awareness of your cause and work.

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Anna Freud Talking Mental Health Secondary Animation

Animations for teaching and education

Animation is ideal for conveying information on complex subjects so they can be easily, quickly and memorably communicated. Whether it’s a character driven story to open up conversations about mental health in schools or a historical cartoon filled with dinosaurs for a museum visitor centre, we can help create educational and teaching aids with animation.

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Google Bad Teeth gif animation

You Tube branding, TV, music videos and title sequences

From comedy sketches to YouTube intros and music videos, we’ve worked with TV production agencies and had work aired on television in both Britain and Canada. We’ve even made an animation that was used as a marriage proposal!

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Slack Connect Explainer Animation

Marketing explainer animations

Animation is a great medium to explain and sell ideas in an entertaining and memorable way. Whether you want an animated story with characters or an infographic video, we can help explain your message to your audience. Use your explainer videos on your website to save visitors reading through large chunks of text, use clips as social media content, show them in presentations, staff training or pitches – you’ll find that good quality animations can be used again and again, wherever and whenever you need to explain.

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Floatovoltaics (Floating Solar) Research Animation

Science outreach animations for research and researchers

Animation is an ideal medium for science outreach and to present findings for research impact and public engagement. As an animator, I have worked with University research departments, non profit organisations and NGOs in the UK, EU and USA to present and communicate their research findings. The World Economic Forum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Lancaster University, The Alan Turing Institute and University of York are some of the groups I have animated for.

I am able to comprehend research findings and apply creative interpretation skills to produce an engaging and informative animated video. With my tried and tested animation production system, I can make the whole production process easy and low maintenance for the research teams. As an associate lecturer, I have a good understanding of the needs and culture of the academic world.

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