Tea Packaging

Tea Packaging

Fabulous Foods Ltd. required illustrations for their new range of teas. They were seeking traditional and elegant illustrations similar to Thomas Rowlandson’s ink and watercolour caricatures from the 18th Century.

Several concepts sketches with different scenes of Georgian life with different compositions were created. Fabulous Foods Ltd. then selected characters and themes were then to be developed into the finished illustrations. One illustration depicts a plump gent and a dandy sipping tea. The other of a gentleman courting a lady. The initial sketches were drawn then feedback was given before they were finalised. The gent and lady's faces were altered to resemble Thomas Rowlandson's humourous caricature style.

The final images were created using dipping ink pens and watercolours, to mimic Thomas Rowlandson's style, then composited on the computer.

The finished illustrations wrap around the 4 sides of the tea box with the characters featuring on the front. The background water colour wash leaves space for the graphic designer to place product information.

What the client said

Fantastic!! As I imagined but better!

Kim Kamlani, Managing Director, Fabulous Foods Ltd