Illustration Process

We create the illustrations you need by following the tried and tested process below. The process allows you to see the development of your illustration, feed into at each stage and have plenty of revision opportunities.

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1. Brief

I will work with you to establish exactly what you want to achieve and communicate with your illustration(s). This brief will be referred back to during the creative process to ensure that the final illustration achieves and exceeds its objectives.

Comprehensive research of the subject matter and visual reference gathering will be included within the brief.

You can also decide how many pencil drafts and concepts you would like made for your illustration. You can also decide on the style of the illustration.

2. Pencil drafts and concepts

I sketch pencil drafts to give you an idea of the style and composition of the final image. Drawing and seeing images often spark new ideas and strategies so you can amend the brief at this stage if needed.

You can choose to have several pencil drafts or just one. It's up to you.

3. Feedback

After reviewing all you will have a good understanding of what you like and what you think works and what doesn't. I consult with you fully through this process.

Any information and ideas you have that you would like carried into the final illustration are a great help.

4. Revisions and final image in pencil

I will take all your feedback on the pencil drafts on board and begin the final image. It will be drawn in pencil first and sent to you for final approval before it is rendered and completed.

5. Final illustration with updates on progress

Once approved I will render the illustration to complete it in the style agreed upon in the brief. I keep you updated by sending you regular WIPs ("works in progress") during this stage.

6. Preparation for print and digital media

Once your illustration is completed, I prepare it for distribution for you. Whether you're printing a children's book, an A1 poster or using it as social media profile image, we ensure it meets the technical specifications outlined in the brief.


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