Tattoo Design of H.R.Giger’s Alien

Tattoo Design of H.R.Giger’s Alien

This was a personal project and was designed as a Christmas present for Mair's partner, Callum. Both are fans of the classic sci-fi film, Alien directed by Ridley Scott with visuals designed by H.R. Giger.

It was decided that the tattoo should be placed around Callum's existing Battlestar Galactica tattoo (another sci-fi design!). So Mair created the design in Photoshop using photographs of the first tattoo to get the placement correct.

The line art without shading was sent to the Derby tattoo studio, Sanctuary Ink. Mark, the tattoo artist did an amazing job of adapting and tattooing the design on to Callum's shoulder.

Callum's tattoo is healing nicely and once it is fully healed, more photographs will be posted.

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