Bikini wax editorial illustration

Bikini wax editorial illustration

Laura Jane Williams is a writer, comedian and and well known blogger who regularly contributed to Dusted magazine. One of her articles was about the unpleasant combination of a bikini wax and a sun bed visit. The layout designer of Dusted struggled to find a suitable and tasteful stock photograph for the article. So Mair was approached to create an illustration within the small time frame of 3 hours.

It was quite a challenge to produce something humorous that suited the article's subject matter without causing offensive. However the illustration received positive feedback from Laura and readers alike.

What the client said

Mair’s illustration for my article ‘Gynecology Rules’ transformed the page, and thus my words on them. The phenomenal response I got to my feature was due in no small part to the superbly witty design accompanying it from Mair.

Laura Jane Williams, Writer / Comedian, Dusted Magazine News and Political Editor