Pollinator Friendly Solar Park Illustration

Pollinator Friendly Solar Park Illustration

Hollie Blaydes is an environmental science researcher at Lancaster University. She commissioned this illustration to show the potential for a solar park to provide refuge for pollinators in agricultural landscapes.

Hollie is writing a review paper focusing on 5 themes which both affect pollinators and are related to solar parks: (1) foraging resources, (2) nesting, breeding and reproductive resources, (3) site management, (4) landscape and connectivity and (5) climate.

The illustration will be used in the review paper, but also on posters and possibly presentations.


An illustration of a solar park with areas highlighted that benefit pollinators.

What the client said

Mair was great to work with and created an amazing illustration summarising the findings from my research project. I sent through a simple brief with a basic sketch and from there Mair took the time to understand what I was trying to show and designed exactly what I had in mind and more! Mair is clearly very good at what she does and I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Hollie Blaydes, Environmental Science Researcher , Lancaster University