What is Industry 4.0? – Animation

An information animation we created for the University of Derby. The video gives a light-hearted and entertaining overview of “Industry 4.0” and how students and graduates can prepare for the future job market. This was produced as part of the University's response to the Government’s Digital Strategy, to equip the people in the UK work force with skills for the digital revolution.

The University team provided a script and brief. We spoke about the script together, wrote some visual ideas and a narrowed down a style approach. The main style inspiration was The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Galaxy (2005) Animations.

The animation has been shared on the University's social media channels, is shown in lectures and career centre workshops and on display screens around the campus sites. The University team told us the video has received many positive comments and feedback from students and staff who watched the video.


Behind the Scenes – Production Process



Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

2D Animation in After Effects

3D Animation Cinema 4D