SPRINT – SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology

SPRINT provides unprecedented access to the expertise and facilities at top UK space universities to help businesses accelerate the development of their products and services through the commercial exploitation of space data and technologies.

The SPRINT team based in Leicester, UK, commissioned our animation company to produce this explainer video about what the organisation does to engage more businesses in SPRINT's programme.


  • To create an approximately 90 second long animated video based on a script provided by the SPRINT team.
  • The target audience are UK small to medium sized businesses interested in accessing funding to work in collaboration with one of five top UK space universities. The animation will aim to be engaging, professional and make the SPRINT application process seem quick, accessible and full of exciting opportunities for business growth. It will avoid appearing too “space” specific to avoid alienating businesses from other sectors.
  • The animation style will be based on the existing SPRINT brand guidelines and will aim to appear professional, clean and modern.

Problem to solve

  • The need for this video arose as the SPRINT team found that explaining what SPRINT offers and the benefits of participating in the programme was time consuming. They saw similar organisations used video effectively on their websites and conferences to explain and engage audiences. SPRINT decided the existing information on their website and infographic about the application process needed to be condensed into a short and accessible animated video.
  • Animation / motion graphics were an ideal medium for this as the SPRINT script described some abstract concepts and referenced space technologies. For this project brief, animation was a faster and more cost effective option than live action video.

Style design options

Two style frame options were provided based on SPRINT’s brand guidelines.

SPRINT Style concept 1 - flat design SPRINT Style concept 2 - lined

Sketched Storyboards and Animatic Video

SPRINT Explainer Animation - storyboard sketches After Effects screen shot of animatic for SPRINT

Illustrated Storyboards

SPRINT Explainer Animation - storyboard illustrations SPRINT Explainer Animation - illustrated boards


Animation production in Adobe After Effects. DUIK used for character rigging.

SPRINT Explainer Animation - after effects SPRINT animation in after effects - character rig


  • A video that quickly communicates what SPRINT does, the benefits and explains the application process to potential business collaborators.
  • The video is being used at events and conferences that the SPRINT team attends.
  • The animation is displayed on their website and used social media channel content.