Magazine Advert Illustration for Vox Delay Lab Guitar Whammy Pedal

Mindbomb, a creative advertising and design agency, approached us to illustrate a 1950's sci fi / comic style advert for their client Vox Delay Lab. Vox Delay Lab required an advert to promote their new guitar whammy pedal. This pedal simulated traditional effects whilst also being a new and amazing bit of technology. So Mindbomb and their client decided a mad scientist narrative would be a fitting narrative to their product.

What the client said

I can say that it has been very well received, so thanks for helping us realise/execute our client’s vision! It’s certainly a project that we enjoy talking about.

Martin Malins, Creative Director, Mind Bomb

We started by creating a mood board of the vintage / retro sci-fi genre we were referencing.

Adobe Collage inspiration for magazine advert - VOX Delay Lab Whammy Pedal

The next stage was creating 2 concept sketches with different compositions and colour schemes.

It was decided that the scientist should look less mad in the final design. The image was drawn in pencil then once approved by the client it was inked in Adobe Illustrator.

Once the line art was signed off, colour and texture was then applied in Adobe Photoshop.

The finished illustration was then delivered to Mindbomb for the layout design to send to the magazine for print.

Illustration for magazine advert - VOX Delay Lab Whammy Pedal