How do you chat? – BBC quiz illustrations

The BBC commissioned me to create a series of illustrations for a fun online quiz about people's social media chatting habits. The brief was to design characters that looked edgy, quirky and non-human. It was an enjoyable challenge to illustrate the characters so they suited the description quiz questions and profile answers. You can read the quiz caption for each illustration in gallery. These were written by the clever quiz making folk at the BBC.

These illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator with a Wacom Cintiq.

The Over-Sharer (70-80 points)
The Over-Sharer (70-80 points): Why say in one emoji what you can say in 23 messages? And besides, why wouldn’t anyone want to see that grainy pic of a dog in a sweater you took, or find out how much cereal your flatmate stole from you last night? You useWhatsApp to blog your little heart out, but when you scroll to the left to check who’s read your updates, you get upset when you find out that everyone has, they just haven’t replied. Surely everyone should be interested in your insightful musings and funnies?

What the client said

Many thanks for the illustrations. They’re super.

Charlie Campbell, Development Producer (Contract), BBC