i-Tel Group Sustainable Supply Chain Procurement

i-Tel Group is one of the UK’s leading indirect procurement specialists, covering all operational business purchasing requirements including IT hardware, office supplies, workplace furnishings and more.

They help organisations minimise their costs and carbon footprint, providing affordable and environmentally-friendly solutions for smart, sustainable business.

As the procurement process can be quite an abstract concept to explain with just words, i-Tel Group decided to commission a custom designed explainer animation that illustrates how beneficial i-Tel's services can be to potential clients. After some discussion and testing, we decided a mix of motion graphics with characters in business scenarios would best communicate i-Tel's key messages.

The animated video is used in sales meetings and in their digital marketing strategy.

The Brief

  • To create an 80 second animation to explain and promote i-Tel group’s procurement services.
  • The target audience are mangers and directors at large organisations with multiple business sites.
  • The animation style will include characters and will follow the company brand guidelines.
  • To highlight that the i-Tel group is committed to environmental sustainability for their clients and their own business.
i-Tel's web page about sustainability

The Process

Script writing

We wrote a script in collaboration with the i-Tel Group Team. They provided the key messages to be communicated as well as information on their business. We crafted a story and wrote visual descriptions of what could happen on screen in the animation.

Script for the animation

Style Design

Brand guidelines for the animation
iTel Group asked us to design the animation within their brand guidelines.
Style frame design
The finalised style frame design for the animation. This was based on the brand guidelines.

Sketched storyboards in Photoshop and Boords

Sketched storyboards

Illustrations in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrated storyboards

Animation in After Effects

Animating in After Effects

The Results

i-Tel Group now have an 80 second, branded video that explains what they do and the benefits of their services to potential clients.

The video…

  • Saves staff time in the sales process.
  • Gives clear and consistent communication of i-Tel Group’s USP’s.
  • Highlights the company’s environmental sustainability commitments.
  • Provides content for their digital marketing strategy.

What the client said

From the get go, Mair has been a pleasure to work with. She quickly grasped the idea of our initial concept and added much value with her creativity, experience and direction. Mair is clearly very talented and we are extremely happy with the outcome of our project. We look forward to working with her again in the future. Always very friendly, clear and structured throughout the process and delivers on her promises. Highly recommended!

Mel Gauci, Managing Director , i-Tel Group