FUTURE OAK is a pioneering project investigating the role of beneficial microbes in fighting diseases that affect the Britain’s native oak trees. In particular, Acute Oak Decline (AOD) has been identified as a growing threat to highly valued oak populations, especially in southern and central England.

The FUTURE OAK research team hired me to produce an animation which explained the science project. The video briefly explains the importance of oak trees and forests, the threats they face and how the FUTURE OAK project is working to tackle acute oak decline using pioneering microbiome research.

This project was illustrated in Photoshop by hand with textured paint brushes to give a natural, bark texture to the whole video. The illustrations were then animated in Adobe After Effects.

Animation on website
The completed animation is displayed on the FUTURE OAK website to give a quick project overview.
Animation on Twitter
The video was also used to explain the research project on social media.