The importance of pop culture inspired illustration (or why I still draw fan art)

Daenerys Game of Thrones Fanart Sketch

The main reason I got into drawing as a child was because I wanted to capture the stories and fictional characters that I was passionate about on paper. Even though I spend most of my grown up time working on explainer animations and commercial illustrations for clients, I still find moments to illustrate things from TV shows, films, books, comics or video games.

This exercise reminds me why I got into the creative industries and helps keep my love of animation and illustration alive. It’s also a great reason to find time to sit down, binge watch, game and generally geek out. ¬†As I curl up on the sofa in my pyjamas and prepare to indulge in some escapism, I can tell myself it’s “inspiration” and “art project research”.

I’ve set myself a personal goal of drawing something purely for fun at least once a week. Then share these sketches every Friday on my social media channels. Follow my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus page to keep up with my Friday sketches.