Motion comics in video game cut scenes – my new inspiration

Last night I was watching my other half play Diablo 3 and admiring the cut scene animation. Specifically the amazingly detailed, static illustrations with some depth, camera movement and effects. It’s such an awesome story telling technique. I’ve seen this style before but didn’t now what it was called.

Fortunately my other half, Callum, knows all and informed me they’re called “motion comics”. I’ve been Googling away since and want to start incorporating this style and technique into a new project. It would be the ideal way to combine my digital painting illustration style with After Effects work.

You can see loads of stunning motion comics at and here’s a blog with the top 10 video game motion comic cut scenes.

If you’re wondering how motion comics are made, then from a technical point of view, this “making of” video is a gem. Apparently they can be made in various bits of software but I like to see Photoshop and After Effects being used.

Now to find a way to incorporate my new inspiration into an animation project…