Creativity for Good Award

I’m absolutely thrilled, delighted and grateful to have received a “Creativity for Good” Award from Mainframe Derby! Here’s a previous blog where I shared the news about being shortlisted.

Photo credit: Mainframe Derby’s YouTube channel

The awards night was hosted at Derby’s QUAD where the winners were announced. It was a fantastic evening of celebrations for Derby’s digital and creative community.

Photo credit: Richard Gardner

Like many creatives, I’ve always been keen to do good work that does some good in the world. Visual communication is a powerful and emotive tool to share knowledge and spark empathy in the hope of leading to positive social change. It’s difficult to find the words to express how incredibly grateful I am for the award!

Helen Borrington of The Princes Trust judged the Creativity for Good category and kindly gave the award. Helen said the “We All Have Mental Health” animation I worked on with The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families was a key factor in her awarding decision. So a huge thank you to the AFNCCF for having me involved with their project, they were all amazing to work with.

According to Mainframe Derby, the two categories with the highest number of submissions was “Putting Derby/Derbyshire on the Map” and “Creativity for Good” giving the judges for these awards a real challenge.

Mainframe is an initiative that aims to bring together a community of digital and creative business across Derby and Derbyshire. A huge thanks to the hard working team who organise everything for Mainframe.

Thank you to Richard Gardner for the photography on the Mainframe Award’s night.

Thank you to Future Proof Films for this fun slow motion video and the glitter!

Thank you to Mainframe Derby’s YouTube video of the evening.

Before the main event, I was pretty nervous! So I calmed my self by exploring the photography exhibition at QUAD. Thanks to Richard Gardner for the candid shot!