Graphic novel character design and page samples

Graphic novel character design and page samples

Nick Berry commissioned character designs and page samples of his graphic novel, Semper Viridis. Nick has used these to pitch his story to publishers.

Nick sent the script and a detailed description of each character's appearance and personality. Several character designs were sketched out and Nick gave comments and selected elements from each to take forward to the next design. After a series of designs and revisions the final characters were coloured and brought to life.

Later Nick required some sample pages of the graphic novel to show publishing companies to persuade them to fund the completion and printing of the graphic novel. Some of the script was adapted to comic frame descriptions and panel layouts. The same illustration process was used as with the character designs. Nick was shown the pages as sketches and was able to request changes and amendments. Once he was satisfied with the pencil, the pages were inked then colour and text applied digitally. Minor amendments to text and colour were made at this stage before they were completed.

The characters, concept and story of Semper Viridis is copyrighted to Nick Berry.