Amazing Iggles

John Benneyworth hired me to illustrate 5 of his children's stories in this one compendium. Each story features an "Iggle" character. This book contains nearly 100 full page colour illustrations. They were created in Adobe Illustrator in a flat, vector design style with bold colours.

You can buy a copy of Amazing Iggles from or Amazon.

AMAZING IGGLES are short stories for young children to explore language and speech and then by repetition to learn to read. These are five short stories that the child will quickly learn from and associate with bedtime reading. ANGEL-IGGLE Has a birthday party in the clouds. PHYS-IGGLE Uses his amazing strength to help others. NAUT-IGGLE Rescues a sailor. MAG-IGGLE Makes magic to help his mother-in-law ARITHMET-IGGLE Learns about numbers from her grandfather. If you are looking for something different to read with your child at bedtime then IGGLE stories are a must - they will probably make you smile.

Iggle illustration