Getting married in Vegas and a USA road trip

driving highway 1 travel art journal

Big news! I married my boyfriend of 8.5 years and now husband, Callum Bain. So I’m now Mrs Mair Bain. For business stuff I’m keeping the name Mair Perkins.

Why Vegas? Well organising a traditional wedding to gather and stand in front of lots of people was hugely stressful and unappealing to us. So much so we didn’t want to get married. Though after 8 years the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” didn’t seem an apt description for our situation. While “partner” sounds too cold. We decided to marry to so our relationship and love for each other is recognised in the eyes of the law. We always joked that getting married randomly in Vegas was the only way we wanted to do it.

The Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

It wasn’t random though. The trip took a lot of planning and saving for. A¬†short, sweet and silly wedding while on holiday was ideal for us. Marriage was also a fantastic reason to do that American road trip we always dreamed of!

Our USA trip route from Las Vegas to Portland, Oregon

While travelling I kept a journal and took A LOT of photos. I’m obsessed with documenting and recording as I don’t trust my memory. Here’s the highlights from our 17 days in the USA:

Helicopter ride and champagne lunch in the Grand Canyon a few hours before our wedding ceremony.

Getting married in Vegas by Zombie Elvis. The ceremony was hilarious but it was also really awesome and romantic to be marrying my best friend and life partner. Callum is the kindest, funniest, most logical and handsomest man I know. We also share a love for cats.

Driving through the desert from Nevada to California as husband and wife.

desert drive

Reaching the end of route 66 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles (without actually traveling on the route 66)

travel art journal santa monica route 66

Drinking LARGE beers in a little restaurant by Santa Monica pier.

santa monica

Discovering and laughing about how Hollywood is actually a bit of a dump.

hollywood travel art journal

Sharing sorbet in the shade on Venice beach while we watch the skaters, surfers, street performers and beach gym bunnies play.

Watching the sunset on Santa Monica beach.

santa monica beach sunset

Amused that our hotel is bang in the middle of the strip club streets in San Francisco.

San Francisco strip joints art journal

Sitting around a cocktail bar in San Francisco chatting with strangers into the early hours.


Watching the wild seals on San Francisco’s pier while the fog rolls in and makes the Golden Gate Bridge disappear.

Finding an amazing Ethopian food place called Massawa in San Francisco that caters to mine and Callum’s fussy dietary requests (Callum is a lactose intolerant meat lover, I’m vegan).

Massawa Ethiopian food San Francisco

Driving along the winding, narrow and very steep coastal Highway 1.

Staying in a beautiful little B&B in Mendocino with a clothing optional Spa hottub and sauna (we chose swim wear but we chatted with the nude folk there).

Standing on jagged Pacific Ocean coast cliff tops.

Standing on jagged Pacific Ocean coast cliff tops

Hugging a giant Red Wood.

Spotting a wild deer.

wild deer red woods

Wild Elk stopping traffic.

wild elk crossing

Pigging out in Portland – so much vegan pizza, sushi, veggie burgers and beer breweries!

Getting soaked in torrential rain then stopping to dry off with a flaming Spanish coffee cocktail in Portland.

Sitting around a fire pit in a hipster bar on North Mississippi avenue in Portland, chatting with locals and comparing English and American culture and humour.

Standing on the highest vista point and experiencing the vastness of Columbia River Gorge.

The lowest point of our trip was the flight back to the UK. Delayed flights, lost luggage, sleep deprivation while saying goodbye to America.

travel journal flight back to uk

Now we’re happy to be back in England with our family, friends, cat and found luggage to start our married life…which will pretty much be the same life as before but now with official papers and a bunch of awesome honeymoon memories.

our cat