Awarded a Green Mark Environmental Accreditation

We’re delighted that our business has received a Green Mark Level 1 accreditation! It provides an internationally recognised environmental certification for companies that want to assure their clients and employees that they are conducting business to recognised environmental standards.

Mair discovered the Green Mark Accreditation through the Low Carbon Business Network. Through the Green Mark’s online portal, she submitted information about her business, answered questions and provided supporting evidence about activities relating to resource use and the environment. The answers were then reviewed and we were awarded a Green Mark Level 1!

The Green Mark sent us a certificate, a window sticker and some digital materials to share the news of our accreditation which we now proudly display on our website!

Green Mark Environmental Accreditation

As a small, service based business that primarily creates digital products, it’s relatively easy for us to be green.

Here are some of our environmental policies…

  • To use energy and water efficiently, optimise our use of natural resources and use our recycling facilities both at home and work.
  • To reduce the impact of our virtual carbon footprint by managing data efficiently.
  • To minimise the volume of waste deposited in landfill by assessing whether purchasing materials is necessary, and by re-using and recycling materials wherever possible.
  • To dispose of any old electronic devices by either donating them or sending them to an electronic waste recycling facility.
  • To only print documents when necessary and use FSC approved or recycled paper.
  • To walk and use public transport to minimise our carbon footprint.
  • To offset the carbon footprint of any necessary flights for business by planting trees.
  • To hold meetings remotely and allow team members to work from home.
  • Food served at our workplace is vegan and is sourced locally if possible.
  • Where possible we purchase second hand office furniture or utilise furniture that would have been disposed of by other businesses.

Read more on our environmental policy statement. 

For any other business owners considering environmental accreditation, these are some reasons why we would recommend it…

  • Adopting green practices such as saving energy, reducing water consumption, using less materials, and being more waste conscious can save money.
  • Having environmental credentials can increase the likelihood of other people wanting to work with you!
  • It is possible to run a profitable business without compromising on social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Business can be a force for good in the world when maximising profit is not the only goal.

We are looking forward to working towards the level 2 accreditation!