Advantages of animations

Explain, educate, entertain

Advantage of animation: explain, educate, entertain

Who doesn’t like watching cartoons? If you present your message and information to your audience in the form of something enjoyable and memorable, you’ll leave a lasting impression and form a stronger relationship, making them more likely to respond.

A study on visual communication by HP showed that people are 50% more likely to retain  information when it is delivered in both a visual and audio format (such as animated video) than visual or audio alone.

Save time

Advantage of animation: save time

People are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy document or website. An animation will not only save your audience time but also make sure your message gets across. If you’re giving a presentation, you can save time by playing the animation rather than preparing the slides and talking.

Video is a powerful marketing tool

Advantage of animation: video is a powerful marketing tool

With the rise of social media, smartphones and tablets, more and more video is being watched and shared as it becomes the standard way of presenting information.

When it comes to online marketing, video is as indispensable as business cards, a website or brochure. It’s an extension to your brand and communicates the style and values of your organisation far better than words alone. Video sells.

Boost SEO

Advantage of animation: boost SEO

The popularity of online video continues to grow steadily- in some parts of the world, 95% of the population regularly watch online video. And with the development of smart televisions, people are watching online videos in their living rooms as well as on their computer screens.

A video on Youtube - which can also appear on your own website - can attract online search and direct traffic to your offer. Youtube's home page is the second-most popular search on the web, behind only Google search. And Youtube videos appear in Google search rankings, giving you two chances to be found for each animation.


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